Friday, 9 March 2012

[Pics] 120301 Block B on Easy Magazine (March Edition 1)

120301 Block B on Easy Magazine (March Edition 1)

In 2011, Block B, a new HIP-HOP idol boy group groomed by Cho PD, unleashed their mysterious veils. In their debut teaser, their suave appearances gained attention among netizens and became a hot topic. The members were able to showcase their dance moves and rapping that displayed their potential and their mysterious images even through a black and white teaser. Because Block B’s leader, Zico, was the younger sibling of Co-Ed’s Taewoon, he was paid special attention to. After getting to know him better, people would be more attracted to the fact that he can compose music. He not only took part in Cho PD’s album by rapping, he was also featured in songs of other various K-Pop stars. He can compose, write lyrics and has even produced many songs for Block B. In February 2012, Block B released their new album , the title song’s (NanlinA) unique dance moves and the members’ stage outfits have become a hot topic.

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