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Title: 총각네 야채가게 / Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
Chinese Title: 蔬菜店的帥小子
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-21 to 2012-March-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:50
“Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” is based on the true story of Lee Young Suk who started selling vegetable at a small store in 1998 and now owns 33 vegetable stores nationwide. A book was published in 2003, and now the story takes to the screen.
Main Cast
Ji Chang Wook as Han Tae Yang
- Oh Jae Moo as Han Tae Yang (child)
Wang Ji Hye as Mok Ga On
Kim Young Kwang as Lee Seul Woo
Park Soo Jin as Jung Dan Bi
Hwang Shin Hye as Choi Kang Sun
Lee Se Young as Han Tae In
Supporting Cast
Park Won Suk as Hwang Soo Ja
Jang Hang Sun as Jung Goo Gwang
Kim Do Yun as Yeon Boong Hong
Jun Noh Min as Mok In Beom
Lee Kwang Soo as Nam Yoo Bong
Ji Hyuk as Yoon Ho Jae
Sung Ha as Jung Ki Young
Shin Won Ho as Lee Chan Sol
Sa Mi Ja as Park Geum Soon
Lee Eun as Hong Jung Ah
Production Credits
Director: Lee Joon Hyeong
Screenwriter: Yoon Seong Hee
Actor Yoon Shi Yoon was originally played as main actor on this drama, but his position has been filled by Ji Chang Wook with unknown reason.
*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Album: 총각네 야채가게 (Channel A 수목드라마)
Release Date: 2012.02.16
Bit rate: 320kbps
Style: TV Drama
Genre: OST
Publisher: Loen Entertainment
Track list
01. 총각네 야채가게 – 이필호 [작곡]
02. Be My Girl – 성제&지혁 [초신성]
03. 전부이니까 – 나윤권
04. 바보같이 살았죠 – 민(Min) [miss A]
05. 오 싱싱맨 – VF6DOLE
06. 고백 – 바바라(Barbara)
07. 바라만 본다 – 풋사과 [Ballad]
08. 사랑과 감동 – 이필호 [작곡]
09. 강선의 아리아 – 이필호 [작곡]
10. 총각네 성공기 – 이필호 [작곡]
11. 마음속 마음 – 이필호 [작곡]
12. Happy Days – 이필호 [작곡]
13. 가슴에 별을 담고 – 이필호 [작곡]
14. 지금 바빠요 – 이필호 [작곡]
15. 해바라기 – 이필호 [작곡]
16. 잃어버린 이름 – 이필호 [작곡]
17. 청년의 꿈 – 이필호 [작곡]
18. 새벽달 – 이필호 [작곡]
19. 겨루기 – 이필호 [작곡]
20. 아침인사 – 이필호 [작곡]
21. So What – 이필호 [작곡]


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ALL ABOUT Drama : SHUT UP FLOWER BOYBAND (Sinopsis+Cast+OST+Foto Galery)

*Title: 닥치고 꽃미남밴드 / Shut Up Flower Boy Band
*Chinese Title: 闭嘴! 花美男乐队 
*Previously known as: 꽃미남밴드: 안구정화 / Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy
*Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
*Episodes: 16
*Broadcast network: tvN
*Broadcast period: 2012-January-30 to 2012-March-20
*Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00
*Related Series: Oh! Boy Series

This is a story about a high school rock band and how they deal with friendship, love and their passion for music.

Eye Candy
Sung Joon as as Kwon Ji Hyuk
L (Kim Myung Soo) as Lee Hyun Soo
Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il
Kim Min Sook as Seo Kyung Jong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin
Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee (cameo, ep 1-2)
Strawberry Fields
Jung Ui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon
Kwak Jung Wook as Jung Maro
Kim Hyun Joon as Park Pyo Joo
Supporting Cast
Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah (lead female)
Kim Ye Rim as Kim Ye Rim
Kim Jung Min as Bang Woo Kyung
Jung Ji Ahn as Jo Deo Mi
Ma Dong Suk as Teacher

Production Credits
Prodution Company: CJ E&M Corporation
Director: Lee Kwon (이권)
Screenwriter: Seo Yoon Hee (서윤희)

This Drama is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy Series. The previous drama in this series is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Long Preview (10 minutes) :


V.A – 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드 (tvN 월화드라마)
Release Date: 2012.03.22
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit rate: 320kbps

Track List:
01. Wake Up (Prologue) – 이재학
02. Not In Love – 이민기
03. 무단횡단 – 성준 [배우]
04. 어쩌다 널 – 김민석
05. Wake Up – 성준 [배우]
06. Love U Like U – 엘(인피니트) & 예림(투개월)
07. 오늘은 (Original Dialog) – 성준 [배우]
08. 소녀곡예사 – 김예림
09. 몰라야 할 말 (Original Dialog) – 성준 [배우]
10. Dear Friend (Epilogue) – 이상훈 [OST]

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ALL ABOUT Drama : OPERATION PROPOSAL (Sinopsis+Cast+OST+Foto Galery)

Title: 프로포즈 대작전 / Operation Proposal
Chinese Title: 求婚大作战
Also Known as: Operation Love / The Proposal
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-08 to 2012-March-29
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:50

The drama has themes of time-travel and is basically about a character who gets to travel back in time to protect his first love.
Kang Bae Ho (Yoo Seung Ho) and Ham Yi Seul (Park Eun Bin) have been best friends since elementary school. Baek Ho fell long ago for the lively and cheerful Yi Seul. But Yi Seul is about to get married to another man. Baek Ho and his friends are invited to the wedding. Right there in the wedding ceremony, Baek Ho regrets that he didn’t confess his love to the bride. A fairy appears gives him a second chance to win the girl he loves. The fairy sends Baek Ho to travel back to the past, to the all moments he has with the bride. He gets sent back in time, and this time he’s determined to protect his first love. He re-creates that moments, tries to get the bride’s heart. Baek Ho will try to confess his feelings and win Yi Seul’s heart by trying to fix the past in order to change his and Yi Seul’s future. In the end, will he success? (Source)

Main Cast
Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Baek Ho
Park Eun Bin as Ham Yi Seul (Baek Ho’s first love)
Lee Hyun Jin as Kwon Jin Won
Go Kyung Pyo as Song Chan Wook (Kang Baek Ho’s friend)
Park Young Seo as Joo Tae Nam
Kim Ye Won as Yoo Chae Ri
Supporting Cast
Park Jin Joo as Jo Jin Joo
Lee Doo Il as Jo Dae Kook
Lee Eung Kyung as Oh Jeong Rim
Moon Chun Shik as Yoo Byeol Nam
Joo Jin Mo as Ham Seong Hoon
Go In Bum as Oh Tae Bum
Lee Dal Hyung as Home room teacher

Production Credits
Director: Kim Woo Sun
Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun

A remake of the Japanese Drama “Operation Love / プロポーズ大作戦” on 2007.
*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***



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