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Profile Jaehyo Block B 블락비


Stage Name

Real Name
Ahn Jae Hyo (안재효)

Sub-vocal, main visual

December 23, 1990


Blood Type

182 cm (6’0”)

60 kg (132.3 lbs)

Withdrew from Seoul Art College (Music Application Major)

Baseball, basketball

Singing, business affairs, long jump

Won first place in Mnet Pretty Boy, Busan category,
Best Nine School Ulzzang 3rd generation

KBS’s “100 points out of 100” (04/30/11- )

Meaning Behind Stage Name
It’s his real first name, used because he wanted to use the name his parents gave him.

Artists he likes
Wheesung (“the level of emotions and his lyrics touch me whenever I’m going through tough times”), Korean artists

Random Facts
He showers the least.
He sometimes sleeps pantless.
He often wears a pikachu costume.
He recommended Joon to MBLAQ.
He really likes the girl group A Pink.
He shows the most interest in women out of all the members.
He calls himself the oldest, but Taeil and B-Bomb are older than him (Taeil by 90 days, B-Bomb by 9 days).
He often introduces himself as either Block B’s “oldest”, “vocal and nothing else”, or “the reason why Block B is what it is”.
He’s very confident about his looks.
He was an internet ullzzang prior to his debut.
He has a lot of upper body strength, but little lower body strength (said by Zico, shown on KBS’s “100 points out of 100”).
He uses bb cream a lot.
He said on a flower boy show that his skill is showering.
There are rumors about him almost debuting as a member of B2ST. He stated those rumors were a little exaggerated
He was one of the starting members when Cube Entertainment was established.
He’s went in and out of numerous entertainment agencies.
He used to be close to the B2ST members.
He suggested Junhyung to join Cube Entertainment.
He is still very close with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.
He likes to play at Shincheon, Kangnam, and Apgujung… At 1:00am at night.
He has a tattoo on his arm.
He often introduces himself as either Block B’s “Busan dialect representative”, “oldest”, “vocal and nothing else”, or “the reason why Block B is what it is”.

(when Dal Shabet was asked who was the most handsome in Block B, they answered “Pyo Jihoon”. But one of the girls picked Jaehyo) “Let me get some camera time now”.
(After the MC calls him charming and clumsy) “I hear that I’m charming a lot, so it gets tiring after a while. I’ll just accept the clumsy compliment”.
“I think I’d be a great casting manager”.
“On paper, I’m the sub vocalist, but I don’t actually do anything”.
(When asked about what a sub vocalist is) “It’s actually a vocalist that doesn’t sing as great as the main vocalist”
(After singing, the MC asks “okay, where should you go?” in accordance to his lyrics) “Shincheon station please. I want to go play”.
“I feel like [gags are] a duty of mine”.
“Play time doesn’t begin until night”.
(when told the fans would see him at 1am at Shincheon Station) “See you then!”
(When asked about the $1.5 million USD Cho PD spent on making Block B) “$1.4 millon USD all went to Zico”.
“I honestly think ‘No matter what I do, I look handsome’”.
(when Block B was asked to give words to their seniors) “CEO Cho PD, I won first place at a variety [show?]. You promised to buy us meat but you didn’t. Please buy us meat. And by the way, it isn’t a double sided sword, but a double edged sword.”

Info credit Soompi’s Block B thread, International Block, blog BBCindo


  1. He's smarter than he looks. What does he play at these stations?

  2. What does Jaehyo play at Shincheon, Gangnam and Apgudom stations? Is he some sort of gamer?