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Profile Zico Block B 블락비


Stage Name

Real Name
Woo Ji Ho (우지호)

Leader, main rapper, producer

September 14, 1992


Blood Type

182 cm (6’0”)

65 kg (143.3 lbs)

Attending Seoul Music High School

Shopping, reading, watching American comedies

Freestyle rap, composing, weaving melody lines

participated in composition, rap for Harmonics digital single [The Letter],
participated in composition, rap for ChoPD [Victory] 한국힙합에 바란다,
participated in composition, rap for ChoPD VS Verbal Jint [2 The Hard Way] 종의 기원, Map Music,
participated in composition, rap for Jung Seulgi [결국 제자리] 보란듯이,
participated in a rap session for IU “Marshmallow”,
participated in composition, rap for Jung Seulgi [주변인],
participated in rap in Bizniz [Ego] Hero Music,
participated in composition, rap for Miss S’s mini album [Miss independent] it’s not over,
participated in composition, rap for Faddy Robot [Foundation vol 1],
Mixtape vol.1 [Zico on the Block],
participated in Mnet’s Aura Concert,
produced Block B 1st single album [Do You Wanna B?].

Meaning Behind Stage Name
It was his nickname in Japan, where they combined the 1st syllable of his 1st name (Jiho) and added “-co” at the end, thus creating Zico (note: it is pronounced “jee-coh”, not “zee-coh”).

Artists he likes
Wiz Khalifa, Tyler Creator

Ideal Woman
A woman with nice legs and thighs, who’s funny, and looks good with long hair

Random Facts
He is the younger brother of Co Ed School’s Taewoon.
Although he is the leader, he is the 2nd youngest.
He just loves thighs.
He really likes Hello Kitty.
He was originally an art student before joining Block B.
He studied in Canada, China, and Japan, and failed at each country (Canada because he’s poor with English, China because of hygiene issues, Japan because he left to become a musician).
He made a lot of covers and mixtapes prior to his debut.
He thinks he looks scary.
He has big lips.
He can sound like Marge Simpson.
He once had 4 eyebrows (they are no more).
He was originally an art student before joining Block B (he studied art in Japan for 3 years. At that time, music was simply his hobby).
There are rumors that he was an ex SM trainee and almost debuted in SHINee, but Zico hasn’t denied nor confirmed them (even though he said he wasn’t an SM trainee, when questioned about if he was almost a member of SHINee he said “please don’t believe those rumors. For now”).
Zico’s promoting underground consisted of making demo tapes, recording his rapping, rapping at clubs with his hyungs, etc.
He can do a Cho PD impersonation.
The production of Do You Wanna B? was overseen by him.
He got his stage name from his real name, Jiho, and a cute habit in Japan where they say the 1st syllable in your name and end it with -co (Jico=Zico).
Kim Sae Min (their choreographer) indirectly called him the 7th best dancer.
When asked “who jokes around the most”, the members pointed to him and P.O. When choosing only one of the two, Zico was chosen.
Some think he looks like Sohyun of 4minute.
He used to fool around in in school by putting weird things in his sandwiches (…?…).

“If there’s one thing I have pride in, it’s Block B”.
“I really want us to become a group that can so everything with our own power”.
Kyung: “What should we do here? A group aegyo show?”
Zico: “That’s not hip hop baby”.

Younha: “Another message reads “sharp and powerful idols like diamonds”.
Zico: “We thought we were just rocks”.

Info credit Soompi’s Block B thread, International Block, blog BBCindo

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