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Profile Kyung Block B 블락비


Stage Name

Real Name
Park Kyung (박경)


July 8, 1992


Blood Type

176 cm (5’9”)

56 kg (123.5 lbs)

Kamo High School (New Zealand)

Web surfing

Rap, composing

released Harmonics digital single [The Letter], participated in composition, rap for ChoPD [Victory] 한국힙합에 바란다, participated in composition, rap for ChoPD VS Verbal Jint [2 The Hard Way] 종의 기원, Map Music, participated in composition, rap for Jung Seulgi [결국 제자리] 보란듯이, participated in rap in Bizniz [Ego] Hero Music, participated in composition, rap for Miss S’s mini album [Miss independent] it’s not over, participated in Mnet’s Aura concert (ChoPD, Verbal Jint), was in MTV Rockem Hard, participated in the composition of Block B 1st single album [Do You Wanna B?]

Meaning Behind Stage Name
It’s his real name. His parents gave them 1 part names (in contrast to the normal two part names, such as “Tae-il” or “Yu-kwon”). Kyung means “bible”.

1 younger brother, Park Chan (Chan means “praise”), 1 older sister


Artists he likes

Random Facts
Because of his long face, he is often referred to as a “cucumber” and sometimes as a “carrot”.
There was a rumor that when he found out he was dropped out of Block B’s line up that he fasted for 10 days. But he said it wasn’t true.
He rapped under the name Holke prior to his debut.
He thinks Dal Shabet’s Jiyul is cute.
He says to not be skilled at house chores (such as washing dishes).
He and Zico have known each other since elementary school.
He likes to introduce himself as Block B’s “visual”.
He, Zico, U-Kwon, Hanhae, and Mino were the original people in Block B’s lineup.
He studied abroad in New Zealand.
He is the only member who speaks fluent English (but his pronunciation is so so, honestly).
In “Freeze!“‘s music video, he thought he didn’t really look good doing anything, so he made up a pose to make himself look better. That pose was always doing something with his right hand.
He studied in USA for 1 year, and New Zealand for 2 years.
He wrote the raps in Do You Wanna B?
“Kyung always has to have his right hand up in his pictures no matter what” - Zico

“I put everything on the line for this [Block B]”.
(asked about nicknames given to him when he was growing up)
Kyung: “Yes, cucumber”.
Choi Koon: “Why?”
*everyone, EVERYONE laughs at him*
Kyung: “Because my face is so long. It has nothing to do with my name”.
“I was always just cucumber or carrot”.
(asked about artists they like)
Kyung: “Since I’m a rapper, I’ll just go with Lyn”.
Choi Koon: “Lyn? The person that sings “Don’t Leave Me Yet”?
Kyung: “Yes”.
Choi Koon: “How does that relate to you being a rapper??”
Kyung: “I just like her…”

Kyung: “What should we do here? A group aegyo show?”
Zico: “That’s not hip hop baby”.

Info credit Soompi’s Block B thread, International Block, blog BBCindo

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