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>> [NEWS] 100913 One Day ranks in on proposal poll-

Nate Movie Poll - 6th to 13th

Which male celebrity would you like to receive a balcony propose from? (like 'Romeo & Juliet')




Jung Yonghwa

>> [NEWS] 100912 Jo Kwon to release "On the Road to Break Up" with Lim Jung Hee-

2AM's Jo Kwon will be releasing a duet track with Lim Jung Hee, the first track to be revealed from her mini album. The song is titled "On the Road to Break Up."

Lim Jung Hee first met Jo Kwon as his vocal teacher in JYP Entertainment and are now singing a duet together as close friends. Jo Kwon revealed, "I sincerely think it's a dream and an honor to be able to duet with her. I wanted to ask her first but I'm glad I'm able to participate like this."

The song was produced by Hitman Bang and consists of their sad, emotional voices.

The track will be released on the 15th while Lim Jung Hee's mini album will be released in full on the 30th

>> [INFO] 100913 Kwon and J-Lim "The Road to Break Up" teaser realesed -

>> [NEWS] 100912 Jokwon and Ga In cast as lead roles for new sitcom-

2AM's Jokwon and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In will be acting in a new sitcom together.

Currently receiving great love and interest as the 'Adam' couple on MBC's 'We Got Married', they were recently appointed the lead roles for a new daily MBC sitcom.

An associate revealed, "Jokwon and Ga-In will be acting as twin brothers and sisters for this new production. Other actors for the show are currently being cast. However they will not be leaving 'We Got Married'. 'WGM' and this new sitcom will be filmed in parallel to each other."

Jokwon and Ga-In are set to start filming this coming October, and will replace 'More Charming by the day' on 1st november.

>> [NEWS] 100912 Junsu cut his finger-

2PM's Junsu has injured his finger.

JYP Entertainment revealed on the 13th, "On the 10th, Junsu cut his left index finger while opening an amplifier and was treated at the hospital. He got about 10 stitches."

Junsu wasn't present at the Hallyu Dream Concert on the afternoon of the 12th and an associate of his agency stated, "He was upset because it's been a while since he's been on stage and he couldn't participate. He's going to try his best not to move as much."

2PM is currently going into their album production for the 2nd half of the year.

>> [NEWS] 100909 2PM and 2AM to make comebacks on October-

The second week of October also marks the comeback of 2PM, their first in 6 months after releasing "Without You" last April. Although the details of the album have yet to be finalized, the possibilities of it being a mini album are high.

2AM, the group that took the first half of 2010 by storm with their hit tracks "Can't Send You Away Even If I Die" and "I Did Wrong" will be coming back on the on the last week of October with their first official album, still working with producer Bang Shihyuk.

>> [NEWS] 100910 New Jay events for Denizen, Jay 24/7-

Jaebum will be holding a 'Jay 24/7' event along with the Denizen brand launching. Jay's 24/7 was launched on the 2nd and will be showing that denim matches any location, any time, all day, and all week long.

He will also be holding a variety of events along with Jay's 24/7 line. Anyone that purchases an item from the line will be gifted a Jay autographed slap bracelet along with keychains and canvas bags.

Tickets will also be given with the gifts that allows the chance to receive a mini Jaebum-sized cut out, Jaebum cushions, Jaebum mosaiced face poster, and others

>> [NEWS] 100910 Why is 2PM okay and not Rainbow? Broadcast companies enforce sexist regulations-

With broadcast companies recently beginning to regulate the outfits on their music programs, many are of the opinion that their new standards are not actually standards at all and are only opening room for more confusion and less boundary.

Recently, girl group Rainbow was met with a ban on their ab dance, forcing them to edit both their choreography and their outfits for its sexual nature. DSP Media agreed to make the changes but industry associates are not regarding the issue as a welcome change.

Male singers have been exposing more than girl groups themselves such as Rain and 2PM ripping and taking off their shirts on stage constantly, grabbing attention with such performance acts. Even when Big Bang put in a move in their choreography where it looked as if they were slightly taking off their shirts, broadcast companies and fans alike seemed to be enjoying it.

However, only putting restrictions on girl groups nearly 2-3 years after such performances have already become popular can be seen as nothing other than sexism.

>> [NEWS] 100910 'Count On Me' ranked 2nd on B2S record store in Thailand-

>> [NEWS] 100911 Jinwoon melts the hearts of netizens with his graduation photo

Group 2AM's maknae Jung Jinwoon revealed his graduation picture.

The reveal of his BaekAm High School graduation picture has caught the attention of netizens across various internet portal community sites.

His milky skin and charming eye smile melted the hearts of netizens. They left comments such as, "He really matches his uniform," "Only Jinwoon can smile so brightly for a graduation picture," and congratulated his graduation.

Born in 1991, he joined 2AM as a sophomore in high school and earned the love of nuna fans for his innocent and cute looks.

Jung Jinwoon will be attending Daejin University and majoring in theater as a scholarship student. He will also be Im Seulong's junior.

>> [NEWS] 100912 Junho is a gentleman to Sunhwa-

2PM's Junho is being greatly complimented for his gentlemanly conduct around SECRET's Sunhwa.

Recently Junho and Sunhwa were appointed MCs for the '2010 CMB Youth Music Festival' in Daejeon.

While the two were standing next to each other, a small fireworks display went off right in front of them, from which Junho tried to protect Sunwha from by hiding her behind him.

There was another incident that occurred sometime ago, but with SNSD's Jessica, and since then Junho was nicknamed 'gentleman Junho'. During the recording of a variety show, he gave chocolates to Jessica, displaying a warm-hearted image.

Fans who saw Junho protecting Sunwha commented, "Of course this is Junho. He's so awesome", "I want to be Sunhwa."

Best netizen comments:
402 agree 72 disagree
So what

318 agree 79 disagree
If you think that's being manly of him.. it's a misjudgment

You throw Park Jaebum into the fire,
But you protect Han Sunhwa?


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