Friday, 23 December 2011

Profile P.O Block B 블락비


Stage Name

Real Name
Pyo Ji Hoon (표지훈)

Rapper, maknae (youngest)

February 2, 1993


Blood Type

181 cm (5’11”)

64 kg (141.1 lbs)

Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School


Rapping, composing

participated as a guest in Vibe’s 2010 concert.

Ideal Woman
Cute girls, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, f(x)’s Sulli

Meaning Behind Stage Name
He was trying to come up with a nickname. His last name is Pyo, so his ideas for his stage name went Pyo, Piyo, P.O.

Artists he likes
Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne

Random Facts
He really, really likes Sandara Park and Sulli.
Sandara Park was (and maybe still is) his wallpaper.
He says he looks like Piglet from Winnie the Poo.
When asked “What do you have that T.O.P from Big Bang doesn’t?” in a variety show, P.O answered “freshness!”
He sleeps with this stuffed pillow named “Toto”.
He does A LOT of aegyo (cute actions).
He used to be overweight.
He lost weight and got into Block B.
He likes shopping.
B-Bomb said he has a good sense of fashion.
When asked “who jokes around the most”, the members pointed to him and Zico. However, when choosing only one of the two, P.O was not chosen.
However, all members mutually agreed that P.O plays the most pranks.
“He’s seriously an amazing fighter, no joke” - Zico (Star Cam’s caption: “Maknae P.O is a legendary fighter??”)
His hair was described as mousse hair in their Freeze days (Dal Shabet complimented Block B’s hairstyles).
Dal Shabet declared him the most handsome Block B member.
4minute declared him the cutest Block B member.
He’s shy around girls usually.

(when asked what he would say if he met Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne) “I wouldn’t say anything. I’d kiss them first”.
“I’m blushing now.”
“CEO, I can’t eat everyday, I’m so hungry. Please buy us meat.”
Kyung: “What town is he from?”
Zico: “…Huh? He’s from Jamshil”.
Star Cam: The town of Jamshil with the legendary fighter.
Zico: “He’s seriously good at fighting, no joke”.
Kyung: “I heard he’s the one punch three hit kill”.
Zico: “No, he’s the guy from Jamshil that fought 2:8”.
P.O: “I’ll briefly show you my back kick”.

Info credit Soompi’s Block B thread, International Block, blog BBCindo

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