Friday, 3 December 2010

[LINK VIDEO] KBS Music Bank: Dec, 3rd 2010

Yeaayyy..Finally i can see SM THE BALLAD LIVE PERFORMANCE DEBUT on MUBANK\(^.^)/

Despite not performing on the show today, SNSD's "Hoot" won for an amazing fifth week in a row. Only 8 other songs have had 5 or more wins on Music Bank. Due to a schedule change, there was no Music Bank last week.

Comeback stages were performed by Untouchable, Sistar, T-Ara and Kara. Also, Jay was missing from S.M. The Ballad's performance today. Check out the show!

Comeback Stage
Untouchable(Feat.Vasco) - To Make a Fuss
Sistar - Over + How You Dare
T-ara - Why Are You Being Like This + YA YA YA
Kara - Burn + Jumping

Today’s Music Bank
Soul Harmony - If You Love…
NS Yoonji - Dance
Suki - My Heart Won’t Let Me
Esther - 사랑이 변하니
F.CUZ - Midnight Sun
Ab Avenue - Women.. Know (Women’s Game)
Norazo - Rock Star
Gavy NJ - Pick Up The Phone
BeBe Mignon - I Only Did Good
Girl’s Day - Nothing Lasts Forever
Orange Caramel - A-ing~
DECEMBER - Dazzling Tears
BEAST - Beautiful
Yurisangja - Break Up
S.M The Ballad - Miss You




S.M. The Ballad





Orange Caramel

Girls' Day

Bebe Mignon


Gavy NJ



New MCs

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