Thursday, 12 August 2010

Album Geng Xin Out of Stock !!

Han Geng’s first solo album “Gengxin” has been simultaneously released through out Asia on July 27th, the preorder version was sold out within a few hours of coming out. Many fans who hadn’t been able to preorder the album had all gone to big album selling sites to comment, asking for to increase the amount of preorder albums available.

As Han Geng’s first album after going solo, “Gengxin” was heavily invested in, not only the music, but the image quality are all very expensive. The album contains 10 songs and production cost were over 10 million RMB (about 1.3mil USD), including a dance song produced by Michael Jackson’s personal team and songs from gold medal producers such as Yuan Weiren, Adizai, Fang Wenshan, Cao Xuanbin and Zheng Nan. A 30 people MV team filmed in the US, New Zealand and Korea, some scenes were filmed full time via a helicopter to pursue better image and impact.

One can easily see Han Geng’s determination and confidence in starting over, and the detailed production of the album and the concert makes Han Geng’s sincerity in his new start. Recent rumours of plagiarism has not affected the sales of the album, in contrast, the album was quickly sold out upon release. “Fire”, produced by Adizai, is a superb original piece of music in both the musical quality and the MV imagery, completely different from the song Korean Media calls “plagiarized”, the plagiarizing rumors falls apart effortlessly in front the truth of the quality of the music piece.

Source: Sina and 163 News
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