Wednesday, 10 November 2010

[INFO] 2PM tackles the wilderness for ‘Cass Beer’

Images of 2PM’s frolic in the mountains of Kangwon-do has been attracting the attention of netizens recently.

On the day before 2PM’s official comeback, the members hiked through a mountain and even fished in a lake for their dinner. Disregarding the cold weather completely, they flew into the waters, competing with one another to catch the largest fish. The group then ended their day of rough-and-tumble activities by hanging out ’round a camp fire and having an honest discussion about their comeback.

While it appears that the boys enjoyed themselves immensely, they were actually shooting a CF for ‘Cass Beer‘. Yet, one can hardly tell that they were shooting a CF, since their dynamic energy and genuine friendship caused the images to look quite natural.

A theater version of the advertisement – featuring Wooyoung’s adlibs and additional footage of 2PM drinking ‘Cass Beer’ with staff members – will be made as well.

Check out the images from the shoot below!

Source + Photos: IS Sports



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