Sunday, 10 October 2010

[K-POP LINK] Music Core Performances + Seohyun and Yong Hwa finally act like a real couple on WGM

>> Music Core Performances <<

2ne1's Can't Nobody :

Se7en's I'm Going Crazy :

SHINee Says Hello To All You Shawols On Music Core :

Miss A's And Beast Performance ' Breathe'

Beast :

Miss A :

Ft Island's Love Love Love :

U-kiss's SHUT UP :

>> Seohyun and Yong Hwa finally act like a real couple on ‘We Got Married’ <<

On the latest episode of MBC’s popular variety show, “We Got Married“, the “Sweet Potato couple”, referring to Seohyun of SNSD and Yong Hwa of CN Blue, finally showed some highly anticipated intimacy on screen. Much overdue, but better late than never.

This episode was definitely a turning point in this couple’s relationship, as the two sat down by the lake and openly chatted away about lingering curiosities. They shared rings to signify their affection, and also engaged in some long-awaited skinship, which started off in the form of linking arms but progressed into holding hands.

The “Sweet Potato couple” are finally living up to their endearing couple name.

Enjoy the sweetness in the videos below:

Part.1/3 :

Part.2/3 :

Part.3/3 :

Meanwhile, the “Adam couple” enjoyed the rest of their break time getting pampered, and later headed to the recording studio to record a remake of their hit song, ‘We Fell in Love‘. As for the “International couple”, they spent the rest of the episode playing in the water theme park along with their f(x) children.

Videos: keoconvoineverdie’s YouTube


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