Wednesday, 27 October 2010

[NEWS] Nichkhun would be happy if Victoria really was his girlfriend

Sumpah..baca berita ini bikin aku patah hati soalnya Nichkhun itu biased aku di 2PM and agak gak rela saat dy ikutan WGM..takutnya masalah "cinlok" terjadi,huhu... lets cekidot aja deh Kpop&drama loverz esp. Hottest ~.~

I would be happy if Victoria really was my girlfriend.”

On the October 26th broadcast of SBS variety show “Strong Heart”, Nichkhun expressed his deep affection towards his faux-wife Victoria.

Nichkhun revealed, “At first I suggested Shin Bong Sun (comedian) because I liked the idea of a fun married couple. But now I think I made the right decision”.

Following this, MC Kang Ho Dong asked Nichkhun whether there has ever been a time when he wished it was a real marriage.

Nichkhun responded, “I think it’s too early for marriage, but I do believe that I would be happy if she was indeed my real girlfriend”. He added, “When I saw tears welling up in Victoria’s eyes for an event that I had prepared for her, I really wished she was my girlfriend”, surprising the guests with his honest answer.

Nichkhun also admitted that “I do wonder what she’s doing since I don’t get to see her everyday, but we text each other.”

Meanwhile, additional guest Yoon Son Ha confessed to being Nichkhun’s biggest fan saying, “When I found out that Nichkhun was also going to appear on ‘Strong Heart’, I got so nervous that I couldn’t even sleep properly”.

Source: TV Daily

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