Sunday, 25 July 2010


Fan: Jungsu oppa (Leeteuk) will you wait 10 years for me? Kyuhyun: Um, that Jungsu oppa’s going to be in his late 30s.

Fan: I want a Jungsu-flavored candy! Kyuhyun: That sounds disgusting..

Fan: Kyuhyun oppa you’re hot Kyuhyun: I know *narsis banget*

Fan: My Prince Charming Siwon oppa~ Kyuhyun: You mean my pastor?

Fan: I’m at my science class. Are you good at science? Kyuhyun: I was called Chem Kyu and Physics Kyu

Fan: Jongjin (Yesung’s younger brother) is so much better looking than Yesung Kyuhyun: Exactly

Fan: -_- Kyuhyun: wth is this?

Fan: Who do you think is the most innocent, naive, nicest member in Super Junior? Kyuhyun: Duh me – - Isn’t it obvious?

Fan:"I'm bored. SO BORED!" Kyuhyun:"-.-"

Fan:"Oppa~ which do you like better, cowboys or indians?" Kyuhyun:"I like KyuBoys and IndiHyuns!^^"

Fan:"Donghae oppa~ I won't sleep until you reply me!" Kyuhyun:"You can sleep now. Haha."

Fan: So I pray for you, so I promise you. I love you my love, forever like this~ (part of “So I”) Kyuhyun: Too much English

Fan:"Heenim! Saranghae~~" Kyuhyun:"You are the weird one, eh?"

Fan:"Oppa~ you're so close with ming oppa. Teach me how to break up with you!" Kyuhyun:"There's no way."

credits: some of kyubiased's twitter

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