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::Eunhyuk “Saying Suju has 12 members, I’d consider it a joke.”::

Idol group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk ‘Please do not believe the fact of 12 members.’ On SBS ‘Good Morning’ which was broadcasted on the 27th, Eunhyuk revealed “It’s a joke to hear Super Junior being referred as 12-membered in the company; I even thought it was a hidden camera.” “I feel insecure having to acknowledge this one by one to everybody.” Regarding to this, Leeteuk explained further “Because of the fact that all of us were very close since trainees, we were able to communicate naturally just like how a group originally would, and later the number of members increased, thus we gained confidence.” “Everyone carries the belief of ‘Not being able to succeed if were to break up’ and this way of thinking made us more united.” Debuted in 2005, Super Junior had just officially ended their 4th Jib’s promotions, and is currently pursuing individual activities.

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::Kyuhyun “Now in Super Junior I am the most powerful”::

13 member group Super Junior’s magnae Kyuhyun talked about his power* in the group which brought about laughter.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appeared on SBS Good Morning Summer Special on the morning of the 27th. He talked about how difficult it was for him to endure being bullied by the other members when he first joined the group. Recounting the bullying, Kyuhyun said “(When I first joined) because I was the magnae I had to cook ramen (for the others), but I didn’t know how much water I was supposed to add”, and Leeteuk, while eating, said in a mean way “who cooked this ramen?”.

Kyuhyun then added, “but after that I got power” and “lately I can also act cute (aegyo) and tell the hyungs ‘Hyung give me some food’** and they will also smile and treat me to a meal, and even buy me clothes”. Eunhyuk then revealed “Kyuhyun’s ‘hyung give me some food’ is said with a demanding tone”. After that Leeteuk said “you can’t find in other groups a magnae who is ruder than ours” hence bringing about laughter. At the same time, they also talked about Super Junior having 13 members, and the hardships they had because there were too many members.

*power – the chinese translation used a word which literally translated to “force” but I changed it to “power” so that the original meaning of the word will not be lost so much in translation.
** Very informal

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::End of Super Junior’s 4th Jib promotions dinner, the reason why Kyuhyun was unhappy is?::

End of Super Junior’s 4th Jib promotions dinner, the reason why Kyuhyun was unhappy is?

Kyuhyun paid reluctantly at the dinner held to celebrate the end of Super Junior’s 4th jib promotions.

On the 25th, Super Junior member Ryeowook revealed on his twitter, a photo of Kyuhyun. In the photo, Kyuhyun was sitting among the members, with an unhappy expression on his face. Ryeowook explained “Want to know the reason behind Kyuhyun’s expression? Please acknowledge it at Heechul hyung’s twitter”. Meanwhile, Heechul posted a tweet in his twitter: “After our last performance keke, we ate 30 portions of meat, steamboat and naengmyeon*. In order to decide who is going to pay the bill, we played rock paper stones.” And at the same time, he revealed a video of Super Junior members playing rock paper stones together with the manager. What actually happened was, Kyuhyun had to return to the dorm halfway through the dinner, and ended up not having even a bite of the meat, but had to pay for the entire dinner in the end, and thus explaining the unhappy expression.

Super Junior performed their last stage on the 25th Inkigayo, and offcially ended their 4th Jib promotion activities.

* korean cold noodles

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::Super Junior Shindong, “Please stop asking about me getting married”::

Super Junior ShinDong requests for questions of marriage aimed at him to stop. ShinDong, who recently garnered great interests for openly proposing to his girlfriend on broadcast, had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Good Morning aired on 27th July. He said on the show, “I hope people will stop asking me (about getting married). I am not going to get married immediately.” He added, “It’s more like I want to get married, but I’m not going to. My wish is to continue protecting that love.” Lee Teuk, who was also present, added, “It will be hard even if he is going to get married immediately. ShinDong mother owns a chicken restaurant and during World Cup, she sells up to 200 chickens a day and is really busy.”
ShinDong then said, “There is also going to be the Asian games, it seems like it will be hard to get married soon,” jokingly.

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Meanwhile, a photo of ShinDong and his girlfriend (said to be an uljjang standing at a petite height of 150cm) has been revealed online by a netizen, garnering great interests recently.

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