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>> [NEWS] 100724 JYPE reveals more pictures of 2PM rehearsing for their concert-

Six member male group 2PM has uploaded pictures of them preparing for their concert on the 25th at 2PM's official fancafe.

The pictures revealed the members wearing comfortable attire while practicing their choreography and filming clips to be shown at the concert. They seem to be having fun as they wrap their arms around each others' shoulders.

JYP Entertainment stated, "The members are working harder than ever for the upcoming concert on the 31st. You will be able to see a never before seen image of 2PM."

>> [NEWS] 100724 Fans confused with Khun's decision to invite Victoria-

Nichkhun, On broadcast: "I want to invite Victoria" On Twitter: "I'm not inviting Victoria" 'It's confusing!'

2PM Nichkhun is attracting attention after stating on broadcast that he would like to invite Victoria to the 2PM concert while writing on his Twitter that he would not be inviting her.

KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' met with 2PM to shoot footage of a 'beastly male video' to be shown to fans at their concert.

'Entertainment Relay' asked 2PM, "Who would you like to invite to your concert?" Nichkhun replied, "Victoria," making the members complain.

However, on the 24th, Nichkhun wrote a message for his fans on his personal Twitter, "I will not be doing anything WGM related at the concert! Our concert is just for our fans, please don't misunderstand. Let's gogo for a hot, fun concert for you all!"

Fans have been putting forth their opinion on Victoria's invitation to the concert, leaving replies against each other such as, "If Victoria came, it would be a surprise event," and "I don't want to see the couple acting corny even at their concert."

>> [NEWS] 100724 Khun, Taecyeon and Wooyoung reveal who they'd like to invite to their concert-

2PM's Nichkhun revealed that he would like to invite f(x)'s Victoria to their concert.

On the 24th on KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay', the 2PM members revealed who they would like to invite to their first independent concert. Taecyeon said Baek Ji Young who he sang 'My Ear's Candy' with, while Wooyoung said he would like to invite his normal friends to the concert.

Lastly Nichkhun said "I would like to invite Victoria", which made all the members jealous. Nichkhun and Victoria are currently a virtual couple on MBC's WGM.

>> Nichkhun tricked Victoria?-

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria went on a trip together in last week’s episode of We Got Married.

The episode continued its second part on the 24th where Nichkhun admitted that he told a white lie to Victoria.

Nichkhun promised to keep a photo diary and bring it to show Victoria. He did do it for her but he lied and said he left it at home.

Nichkhun said in the black room interview, “I did bring the diary. It was my first time keeping a journal. The members told me that I was so into it. I was looking forward to showing her. I knew she would like it. I worked hard on it. I wanted to see her reaction and then show her after making her disappointed.”

Victoria did seem awfully disappointed but afterwards he revealed that it was a lie and surprised her. She was really touched that he kept his promise.

>> Ga-In tries on 3 different dresses and stuns Jo Kwon-

The Adam Couple (2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In) headed to a wedding shop on a recent episode of We Got Married.

With their photo shoot in Bali only a few days away, Ga-In needed to find the perfect wedding dress. As Ga-In went inside the fitting room to try on her first dress, Jo Kwon called his fellow 2AM member Seulong. Jo Kwon then started bragging about him and his wife’s upcoming wedding photo shoot in Bali.

Ga-In tried on a total of three different wedding dresses, and Jo Kwon’s face brimmed with happiness as she wore each one.

Lastly, Jo Kwon’s special wedding event for Ga-In further caused more laughs for viewers. He plays out a musical version of a wedding scenario

>> We Got Married-

Jokwon & Gain **new from ADAM COUPLE**
part 1=
part 2=

Nickhun & victoria **eps. 5**
part 1=
part 2=
part 3=

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