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>> [NEWS] 100722 Changmin personally picked Lee Chaeyoung for Homme MV -

Actress Lee Chaeyoung has showed off her voluptuous beauty for the music video of 2AM Changmin and 8eight Lee Hyun's project group, 'Homme.'

Omitted information on Lee Chaeyoung.

An associate of DBC Holdings (Lee Chaeyoung's agency) stated, "2AM Changmin directly cast her himself. They are friends so she was able to easily accept the offer."

Her agency has also revealed that they will be revealing cuts of the production process on their minihomepage.

Changmin and Lee Hyun's project group 'Homme' will be releasing another 2nd teaser next week along with their final music video.

>> [NEWS] 100723 Kwon's first 'TDIC' performance, will Ga In perform as a special guest?-

2AM's leader Jokwon's digital single 'The Day I Confessed' will be performed on stage for the first time.

On the coming 24th on MBC's Show! Music Core, Jokwon will be performing his song 'The Day I Confessed'. The song 'The Day I Confessed' was for the show 'We Got Married', where on the show Jokwon sang 'The Moving Song' for Ga In, which was released as a digital single 'The Day I Confessed', and gained lots of love with topping the online album charts.

After this news the netizens speculated "Are you sure Ga In's not going to perform the song with him on stage like their duet song 'We Fell In Love'?", showing their great anticipation.

Music Core producer revealed "The past songs from WGM that were performed on Music Core were all recorded beforehand, but for the song 'The Day I Confessed', it will be 100% live. We haven't planned for Ga In to be a special stage guest for his performance yet."

Another broadcasting associate stated, "As Jokwon prepares for his first performance of 'The Day I Confessed', Ga In will be her husband's manager for the day. This is why WGM2 was recorded on the 21st, and there will also be a WGM camera recording the live performance. The chances of Ga In's image of assisting his husband backstage being shot on the WGM2 camera is high."

music core-

>> [NEWS] 100723 Nichkhun to be a guest on Running Man-

2PM's Nichkhun and SNSD's Jessica will appear as guests for the SBS variety program 'Running Man'.

An associate of 'Running Man' told OSEN on the 23rd, "Nickhun and Jessica and actress Song Jihyo were the 3rd guests for the show."We shot with the representative members of idol groups. Song Jihyo was chosen for her good variety show skills so she came on the show once more."

'Running Man' was recorded at various landmarks of the nation such as Yong Deung Po's shopping mall, Suwon World Cup stadium, finishing off the recording at Gyeongido.

Nichkhun and Jessica were divided into teams and the games started. There are rumors that Nichkhun and Jessica initially felt awkward as it was their first meet, but soon got closer as they played various games together.

>> [NEWS] 100723 Nickhun takes a picture with Jessica in just their togs-

2PM's Nichkhun and SNSD's ice princess Jessica took a picture together wearing their togs.

On SBS's show Running Man, Nickhun and Jessica took a picture with the rest of the members of Running Man at the swimming pool for their 'Photozone' mission.

The two idols who were initially awkward at first got closer through playing the games.

Korea's representative idols 2PM's Nichkhun and SNSD's Jessica's photo with the other variety show 'athletes' will be revealed on Sunday July 25th at 5.20PM in 'Running Man'.

>>[NEWS] 100723 Kwon and Ga In visit the wedding shop, Khun shows his true heart for Victoria-

2AM's Jokwon's musical type performance for BEG's Ga In is to be revealed.

This coming 24th on WGM, Jo Kwon and Ga In goes to a wedding shop in Gang Nam in preparation for their couple photo shoot in Bali. As Ga In came out wearing the dress, he gave a musical-type performance.

Although it was initially embarrassing for Jo Kwon and Ga In as it was their first time in a wedding shop, they chose the wedding dress together and the awkwardness evaporated as they could no longer hide their feelings.

Also, as Nichkhun tried to make Victoria feel better during their trip to the valley, they were able to learn more about each other.

In particular, while Nichkhun husband was trying hard to make their first trip a fun experience, he built a tent for the first time and also expressed his heart for Victoria in his own special way.

However Victoria wife, who had been feeling ashamed of Nichkhun, expressed her dissatisfaction with her whole body, and Nichkhun could not repress his shock towards the unexpected response from his wife.

>> [NEWS] 100723 Chun Jung Myung wants Taecyeon to invite him to their concert-

Actor Chun Jung Myung revealed that he in still in contact with the cast of 'Cinderella Sister'.

Chun Jung Myung had an interview together with MBC Section TV which was air on the 23rd of July.

On this day Chun Jung Myung said about the cast of Cinderella sister, "I still keep in contact with them from time to time", "In particular I heard that Taecyeon is soon to have a concert." When asked if he will be attending the 2PM concert, he replied "I will go if he invites me."

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